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Take part in the largest survey of founder-led consultancies in the UK

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September 2021:

The Consultancy Growth Networks’ Consultancy BenchPress is the largest survey of founder-led consultancies in the UK. It is a rare opportunity for the owners and leaders of consulting businesses turning over <£20m to compare themselves to their peers.

In the years survey, The Consultancy Growth Network are finding out where consultancies expect future growth to come from, how you and your peers are adapting to the effects of Covid-19 and what technologies you favour to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

They are also taking a deep dive into your people strategy, including

  • assessing the current climate for talent retention and attraction
  • what rewards and benefits are expected in a post-pandemic era
  • the resourcing models and hiring plans of the most profitable consultancies.

By taking part in this survey, you’ll be able to compare yourself against your peers in several key areas, including growth rates and profitability. You’ll also discover what the top performers do differently – insights that have the power to transform your consulting business.

To find out more and fill in the survey, just click this link

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