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How should you handle an approach from a potential acquirer?

By August 26, 2020October 6th, 2020No Comments

Whilst you may not be considering a sale at this time, it is highly likely that you will be approached by a potential acquirer. The current market has its fair share of organisations looking for a good deal and being approached by a buyer is a good indication that your firm is sellable and has value in the market.

Whether it is private equity, corporate or a consulting buyer, it is easy to allow flattery and the potential outcome to drive your actions with what looks like a great opportunity in front of you right now.  However, with the market indicating that your firm is attractive, why not consider a proactive strategy rather than reactive plan, in order to maximize equity realisation?

In Consulting M&A’s experience, it is often the case that if you start with one buyer, you can end up with no buyer, and this cannot only be disruptive but can be a huge drain on you and your business.  A competitive process will not only maximise value, but will give you the best chance of finding the right buyer, so never jump at the first offer.

So how should you handle an approach to both maximise the opportunity and minimise the time and resources spent?

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