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Consulting M&A presents at The Consultancy Growth Network conference

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21 April 2020

As a specialist adviser to The Consultancy Growth Network, Bruce Ramsay, Managing Director of Consulting M&A was invited to present at the first online conference of this fast growing group.

The Consultancy Growth Network is a membership-only peer community for owners and leaders of consulting businesses. Their mission is to make highly relevant advice accessible to as many consulting business owners as they can, achieving this through an annual calendar of conferences, networking events, mentoring and online content.

Bruce’s presentation helped members to understand how they can drive the growth in value of their business, and how those strengths will be viewed by a potential acquirer or investor.

He also demonstrated to members that regardless of whether they are looking for a sale or not, value is still a great metric for the quality and sustainability of their business.

Bruce explained how there are 8 levers which create the framework for evaluating the quality and risk of an advisory business.

Those joining the conference had been asked to answer a set of questions about their business prior to the event and this enabled Bruce to demonstrate how effectively they were managing their 8 business levers and in turn how this would affect business value.

This highly interactive session was well received by members.

If you would like to understand how your business measures up against the 8 levers for maximising equity value, please get in touch by phoning +44 (0) 7860 442 715 or by emailing