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CM&A supports global leader in data driven ESG performance RCS Global in their acquisition by SLR Group

13 October 2022

CM&A have completed yet another M&A transaction in the ESG consulting world, this time supporting the shareholders of RCS Global – advisors in all areas of responsible mining and sourcing of minerals for the battery economy – by SLR the very acquisitive environmental consultants.

RCS Global is a leader in the responsible transition from combustion engines to electric vehicles, they work with well-known, major companies across a range of sectors, most notably in automotive, electronics, battery, and mining, as their client’s preferred implementation partner for responsible production and sourcing across their raw material supply chains, globally. The RCS team will spearhead SLR’s evolution as a global audit leader, with RCS already running the most widely used responsible sourcing audit programme in the automotive industry’s battery materials value chain.

RCS’s own digital solutions, VINE, and TRACE, help their clients easily understand and visualise their supply chains, trace material to origin, and help identify where in the supply chains actions are needed to address ESG risks. These complement SLR’s existing capabilities in climate risk, GHG data and technology solutions.

RCS’ proven consulting team, with core specialties in responsible sourcing and responsible mining, will enhance SLR’s market leading strategic and environmental consulting expertise, while the multi-industry supported on the ground impact programme, Better Mining, tackles some of the core issues of consumers’ concerns, such as child labour in mining.

Bruce Ramsay, Managing Partner at  CM&A explained:

“RCS is a great example of creating a successful and valuable consulting business: start with a high-value advisory expertise in an area of growing importance – in RCS’s case the sourcing of material for the rapidly-growing electric vehicle market – and build around it a series of longer-term managed services enabled though technology platforms and the accumulation of unique industry digital data sets.”